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  What are Meta Tags? 

 What Google meta markers mean for SEO? 

 Meta markers are bits of textbook that portray a runner's substance; the meta markers do not show up on the factual runner, yet just in the runner's source law. Meta markers are principally minimum substance descriptors that help advise with looking through motors about a website runner. 

 The main distinction between markers you can see and markers you can not see is area meta markers just live in HTML, generally at the" head"of the runner, as are simply conspicuous to web indicators. 

The"meta"means"metadata", which is the kind of information these markers give- information about the information on your runner. 

 There are two significant kind of meta that masterminds can use 


 The title label is the title textbook that's displayed in web hunt tool bulletins. I realize that this is not really a meta label, still it also works like one. 


 The meta description label is the place where you would need to put your point's rundown. This is the place where you put what is truly going on with your point and what you're offering individualities. It ought not be too long in light of the fact that the web hunt tools simply read up to a specific number of words. 

 Google website admins 

 How long would it be judicious for me to spend on meta markers, and which bones count? 

.Meta markers are an extraordinary way for website admins to furnish web indicators with data about their locales. 

 Meta markers can be employed to give data to a wide range of guests, and every frame processes just the meta markers they comprehend and overlooks the rest. Meta markers are added to the < head > member of your HTML runner. 

 Data and models 

 How about we jumping into every boundary 

The accompanying table provides you with a explanation of each of the meta markers employed in this device. 

 Meta title 

 Needed  This label is regularly employed along with the" description". The substance of this label are by and large displayed as the title in list particulars. 

Meta description 

 Needed This label gives a short description of the runner. This description is regularly employed as a piece of the bit displayed in the listed lists. 


This label give a rundown of essential keywords of the runner content. Google does not use the keywords meta label in web positioning. 

 Creator and Brand 

 These meta offer the chance tospecify who has made a website runner and who claims the brand of the substance 


These meta markers can handle the conduct of web straggler creeping and ordering. 

 Indicator, follow- ( dereliction regard) let snaking train the runner and follow the connections; 

. noindex-keeps the runner from being ordered; 

 nofollow-keeps the Googlebot from following connections from this runner; 

nosnippet- do not show a textbook piece or videotape review from being displayed in the list particulars; 

 noarchive- do not show a Reserved connection for a runner in list particulars; 

 noimageindex- do not show the runner as the alluding runner for a picture in Google Picture listed lists 

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